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Why car share?

Save money

Regular car sharers save hundreds of pounds a year by sharing fuel costs, parking costs and reducing wear and tear on their own cars when taking it in turns to drive with someone else. Find out more:

Connect with others

No more stressful commutes alone! Share the stress and socialise while you travel.

Go greener

Reduce congestion on the roads and your carbon footprint by sharing your journey.

Get from A to B even if you don't drive

You can still take advantage of car sharing even if you don't drive. Many people are willing to share journeys with you, which can be a big help when travelling from/ to areas where bus services aren't available.

Travelling safely by car share during Covid-19

It is still recommended that car sharing should occur with members of the same household, although it is recognised that there may be instances where this is not possible.

Specific guidance to travel safely can be found on the Transport Scotland website.

If you are travelling in a vehicle as part of your job or business, safe operation of workplaces applies, therefore please refer to your employer. For employers, you may wish to refer to guidance for safer workplaces.

Get going!

Find car sharing services...

1.   Liftshare is a community of 700,000 people across the UK offering lifts or seeking passengers. It is free to register.

2.   Check with your workplace,they may have a car share scheme that you're unaware of.